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Busts: 52" to 88"
lengths to 60" or longer

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I love to Sew!!! I get to stay at home and do what I enjoy. No boss, No traffic, No time schedule. IF you want to buy fabric and have me make your scrub tops, pants, dresses, nightgowns ETC. Please contact me using the contact form for my rates. I have included a picture of the pattern I use for the Swing Jackets. These jackets are so Great. No buttons, No zippers. So Simple and Comfy. Most any fabric Can be used for these jackets.

Swing Jacket Pattern Fabric

IF you have questions, Please send me an email using the contact form and let's talk.

Scrubs Darling scrub tops Be Sure to let me know if you want the Semi "V" or the Semi Square Neck on your new tops. AND I DO make Scrub Pants, but you Have to send me a pair that fits you well so I can get a Good pattern. I do return yours to you. Please click here to see what is needed for Your NewScrub Outfits.    »»»»

YOU should see the fabric some of the ladies are sending me to make their clothes— ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Their fabric, and a top or pants to use for a pattern that fits comfortably (you do get your clothes back).

If you would like to send me your own fabric to sew your clothes with, Click HERE for more details!

We all were created equally, but somewhere our Bodies changed. As you Look through my clothes and Should you NOT find your size. Email me! I DO some custom sewing, but NO Zippers, NO Buttons. I CAN do them they just take more time, thus adding more money to the finished product. I have been sewing for several ladies with over 100 inch hips. YES, I CAN make you a New Nightgown or a Dress for Church. I have even made Hospital Gowns for a couple of my Plus-size Ladies. (Don't you just hate your "all together" hanging out?) IF you should need verification of my abilities I will be happy to supply you with names and email address.

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